Meet Art, a 55-year-old former U.S. Marine who needed to get back in shape to keep up with his grandson.
When Art was in the military, he was in great shape. He took the discipline and hard work he learned in the Marines and applied it to his career and building a family—and his health took a back seat.  

And he was beginning to feel it. Although regular exercise had once been part of his routine, he had developed a habit of coming home after work, watching TV, and eating too much.  
He was in a cycle of poor health and unhealthy eating habits that he couldn't break out of. 
Art had tried different diets in the past; they all worked for a while, but then he would hit a plateau and couldn't get beyond it. After getting frustrated with the results, he went back to his unhealthy eating habits again. 

He was too busy and overwhelmed to find a solution to his health issues, but it was nagging his conscience. He felt like he was letting himself and his family down. 

Art’s biggest motivation to get his health handled was his grandson. Art thought, "How much longer will I be able to keep this up? I want to live long enough and be healthy enough to see my grandson grow up. And I want the energy to keep up with him.”

He was afraid that his health would cost him the experience of being an active grandfather and watching his grandson grow up. That's when Art decided to invest in Legendary Life.   

At first, he was skeptical. His past experiences with getting back in shape never lasted. 

On top of that, Art was dealing with some injuries, so he wouldn't be able to do any high-impact exercise routines that would aggravate his sore joints. 

But after a week, he was hooked. Here's what Art had to say about the first week of coaching:

"In one week, I looked at my body and was blown away by the results. I lost 5lbs, and I looked different. Not outside but also inside. I knew this time I was on the right path with a doable plan that fit my busy travel schedule."
Not only did he lose 5lbs in the first week, but he did it with a customized diet program that fit his body type, age, body fat percentage, metabolism and food preferences. We also used a personalized home workout program that was effective but also joint-friendly. 

This allowed him to push his muscles without harming his injuries.

The best part? The equipment was so compact that he could easily travel with it and do his workouts anywhere he might find himself. The real magic happened after a few months of Legendary Lean.
After just 3 months, Art lost 25lbs! He went from a 38” waist to a 32” waist in 90 days.
Better than just the weight loss, he built lean muscle and optimized his health in the process. Even more important, he's more flexible, pain-free, and his confidence is through the roof.
"By following Ted’s nutrition and exercise program, I finally broke my weight plateau and hit 190lbs--which was my weight in my 20s. I can't believe it."

Too many people think weight loss requires a magic formula hiding somewhere deep inside the internet. Or worse, they think their genetics, age, hormones, or slow metabolism is holding them back. 

In reality, lasting weight loss comes from following key principles that are customized to fit your specific needs and personal circumstances.  
Here's what Art had to say about his journey with Legendary Life Program:
"I feel that I can finally keep up with my grandson. I'm spending more quality time with my family and I don't worry about my health anymore. I finally have a system in place that I can follow for the next 20 years. And it feels like freedom because no one wants to follow a diet forever."
When I asked Art what he would tell other people considering Legendary Life coaching, he said: "You've got nothing to lose except weight. You'll also build some muscle, get stronger, feel younger and become a healthier person. I've never thought I would be able to get back in shape and be pain-free at age 55. If you're over 50 and think there's no hope for you, you should definitely work with Ted and give yourself a chance to enjoy the next 30 years of your life."

Well said, Art. And I completely agree.

That’s why we don’t try to take on everybody that knocks on our door.

Sure, closing a sale is important to us, but it’s really only 20% of the game. 80% is getting coachable clients who are committed to finally reclaiming their health and transforming their bodies no matter how old they are.

Our system works and we have the proof—but the key factor is YOU. You making a decision that you don't want to be out of shape anymore.

The truth is, most people over 40 will never get their health back. They'll bounce around from workout to diet and back in a half-hearted attempt to get in shape.

I'm here to tell you that there's a better way.

Imagine what it would be like to walk into a room beaming with confidence because of how good you look.

Imagine the heads you'll turn as people you haven’t seen in a while barely recognize you—because you've "turned back the clock" and look 15 years younger.

Imagine what else you could accomplish in your life once you get your body and health handled.

I'm here to tell you can get in better shape than you've dreamed of—even if you've tried and failed in the past.

The choice is yours...

  •  It might change your health, body, and life.
  •  It might help you create the body you've always wanted. 
  •  It might help you finally become leaner, stronger, and healthier.
  •  Whatever it is, it will definitely be worth 15 minutes of your life.
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