Meet Deann, a 54-year-old woman who needed her confidence and health back. 
I want you to meet my incredible client Deann. She’s a 54-year-old lab researcher who lives in Lexington, Kentucky. Deann had a history of weight gain. 

Even though she was lean and healthy in her 20s, by her 34th birthday, she was 220lbs.
This was not only crushing her confidence, but it was putting her at risk for a number of chronic diseases, like heart disease and cancer.
She was able to lose some of the weight through working out and cleaning up her diet. In fact, she got quite strong in the gym, but she was still at an unhealthy body fat percentage.

A few years ago, Deann made a commitment to finally get into great shape. 

Despite working out regularly, she wasn’t losing the unwanted body fat that put her health at risk. 

She realized that while exercise was important, she needed to change her diet to really make a transformation in her body and health.
She experimented with several popular diets like intermittent fasting and even the Ketogenic diet, but... 
... she was getting inconsistent results. And she didn’t like the fact that she had to skip breakfast.

Deann found my podcast online, and after hearing me talk about my approach to health & fitness, she decided to join my coaching program. 

Right away, she could tell that there was something different about the program I designed for her. 
She experienced quick results and lost fat at a rapid rate. Her strength also skyrocketed.
In just 5 months, Deann lost 29lbs of fat, built lean muscle, and her body fat percentage is 24%. This is her lowest weight since she was in her 20s.
On top of that, Deann had a previous back injury that made it hard for her to do squats, let alone everyday tasks like getting up and down off the floor. 

The special warm-up exercises and injury prevention routines that I designed for her decreased her pain and improved her mobility. Now she gets down and up from the floor with ease and can squat with full range of motion. 
How many people do you know who are in LESS pain and have GREATER mobility at 54-years old than they did 10 years before? 
And that’s just the physical transformation. More importantly, Deann feels like having this control over her body has given herself control over her life.

She’s even competing in a weightlifting event where she will try to break a record for the heaviest biceps curl in her age and weight bracket.
Deann’s now on top of the world and is amazed with the progress she’s made in just a matter of months. She had been working hard for years and wasn’t able to get these kinds of results.
Maybe you’re in a similar situation to Deann.
Maybe you’re in the gym working out and eating “clean.” 
Maybe you're trying all the fancy diets and hot workout programs.

But you don’t have the results to show for it—even though you know a lot, have years of experience, and read every new diet book that comes out on the market. 

Sure, you could spend years of your life researching all the free online health information and reading all the newest best-selling diet books. 

But you’ll still be in the same situation 10 years from now. 

Want to shave off years of trial and error and finally get the results you’ve dreamed about? 

Then get on the phone with us, get specific help on your current fitness and nutrition challenges, and let us get you started on a game plan to finally get the body you've always wanted.

The choice is yours...
  •  It might change your health, body, and life.
  •  It might help you create the body you've always wanted. 
  •  It might help you finally become leaner, stronger, and healthier.
  •  Whatever it is, it will definitely be worth 15 minutes of your life.
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