Meet Karen, a 56-year-old woman who desperately wanted to fit back into her old jeans and feel younger again.
Karen is a mother of three children and was in good shape for most of her life even while growing her career. But nine years ago, she began to gain weight because of her food environment where sweets always surrounded her. 

She started to overeat and, on top of that, found herself drinking more wine.

But, what bothered Karen was the fact that she stopped doing the activities that she loved, like spending time on the river with her friends. All because she didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin like before when she was wearing a bathing suit.

And she realized that…
“I want to be in great shape and look awesome in a bathing suit.”
Sound familiar?

But, it wasn’t just the food environment that was affecting her. Like most women over 50, Karen went through a crazy journey. When menopause hit, she started to feel lethargic. 

No energy at work, sleep-deprived, boring spinning classes. She was waking up in the middle of the night and staying awake for hours. 

Like most women, Karen was really hard on herself, and she would say to herself: 
“Who cares, you’re old now. Nobody cares what you look like.”
But the truth is that she cared. And that was all that mattered.

So, because of the hormonal changes and lack of motivation and energy, Karen couldn’t get rid of her midsection, even when she started doing spin classes 4-5 times a week.

She would still look in the mirror and think: “I look like my dad, skinny arms and legs and thick in the middle.”

So, because she was feeling old and unhappy with her appearance, she would reward herself by shopping. She would buy cute shoes or sweaters to get that instant gratification.
This was a numbing behavior, which is any activity that we use to numb our feelings so that we don’t experience vulnerability. 

And to be honest with you, I see this happening with many of my clients. When they’re not happy with the way they look and their body fat, they tend to do things that make them feel better about themselves and their current situation.

These numbing behavior activities like drinking wine, mindlessly scrolling social media, staying “crazy busy,” eating sugar, binge-watching Netflix, online shopping, etc., etc. etc. are really common. 

Don’t get me wrong; by themselves, these are not destructive habits. It’s when these characteristics become innate to one’s life to hide from the reality that they are no longer constructive to the person’s psyche.

So, I think we can all relate to Karen.
But, the good news is Karen is a beautiful woman that has three very successful children, has a good job, and is in a relationship with a wonderful man. 
On top of that, she was running the Catalina Half Marathon to honor her mom, who had just passed away. She told herself she would die doing this, if necessary, she didn’t care. 

It was her way of showing her mom how much she loved her.

So, Karen had a great life and a reason to get back on track. She wanted to keep up her fitness routine and honor her mom. 

I love hearing these stories because a lot of people think that fitness is just vanity, and testimonies like these present the proof that goes beyond that.
When you realize that you are great and like who you are, you can get back to the hobbies and activities you once loved — no more hiding during Summer time.
It’s about feeling great every morning and honoring your family members by setting an example.

You must stop living a blah life and decide to get back to living life to the fullest, instead of feeling old, overeating, drinking too much, and shopping too much.
Let’s be honest; you deserve more. You deserve to have the health, the body, and the life you have often dreamed.
So, because Karen is a high achiever and knew she was meant to have more in life than feeling old and blaming menopause for her lack of success in the gym, she decided to sign up for my coaching program. 

After years of trying, she realized that she couldn’t do it on her own. She didn’t want to waste another 5-10 years trying to figure out the “magic formula” to feel younger, vibrant, and sexy again. She told me, “I’m ready to invest time and money and get this area of my life handled for good.”
So, after working with me for a few weeks, Karen lost 11Lbs and finally fit back on her clothes that she couldn’t fit into for two years. 
She was finally able to look great in her Summer dress. She couldn’t believe that she not only lost weight, but her midsection was gone.

Not bad for a 56 year old, right?

Now that she is a few weeks into the program and feeling fantastic, this is the message that she just sent me inside our coaching group app.
The best part is that Karen still has five weeks left in the program.That’s what she said when I ask her how she feels a few weeks into the program:
“I go into the gym, I know exactly what I need to do, I complete my plan, and I walk out of the gym feeling successful. I'm not sore, I have energy, my frame of mind is better.”
And when I asked Karen about the other areas of her life in which the coaching program has been helping her, that's what she said:
"The fact that you brought up meditation and learning how to deal with different levels of stress is also really helpful. Instead of grabbing that cookie or that bag of chips or whatever, I just stop myself. It really helped me to focus on my inner peace.”
Also, as Karen was able to work on her mindset during the coaching program, along with seeing the other changes in her body, she felt more confident at work. 

She received a raise that was due for three months. All because when you change your mind, you take charge of all areas of your life.

That’s what the Legendary Life Program is about. 

It’s a complete system to transform your health, your body, and your life. 
It’s not another 90-day program that will help you lose 10-20lbs and gain back in the next six months. 
It’s a coaching program that considers your health, your body, and your mind.

So, now, Karen knows that at the end of this program, she will have all the tools and habits in place to keep up her results for the next 20 years.Karen considers this program the best investment of her life.

Don’t wait for another second; start working to improve your health today. Create the body you deserve and live the life that you’re meant to have.

Book a call with us. You’ll soon see how my coaching program and working with us will change your life.
  •  It might change your health, body, and life.
  •  It might help you create the body you've always wanted. 
  •  It might help you finally become leaner, stronger, and healthier.
  •  Whatever it is, it will definitely be worth 15 minutes of your life.
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