Meet Rich, a business owner who desperately needed to stop dieting
Rich is a 51-year-old father of four who owns an accounting firm based in Montana.
As a former athlete, Rich was in phenomenal shape in high school and college. But as his career started to take off, he started gaining weight.
Sound familiar?

Guilty of trying all the trendy diets over the past 25 years, Rich would lose weight only to gain it right back in a vicious circle of yo-yo dieting that he was having a hard time breaking. 
He would still exercise, but he would hop from workout to workout with no direction of what to do next.
Another obstacle he faced at work was tax season. Because he owns an accounting firm, he would put all the weight he lost during the year back on during the first three months of the year…and more. 

While he was a public success with all the business his accounting firm had, he felt like a personal failure as his health had taken a backseat to all the work.

He felt like he was so busy and overwhelmed during tax season that there was no time to take care of his health. So he’d revert back to his poor eating habits and gain weight until the season was over. 
He was stuck in that cycle for 25 years.
Then, after years of research and trial and error, he finally found Legendary Life and decided to try our 30-day challenge. After getting amazing results, he signed up for our Legendary Life Program.
Within just 6 months, Rich was 29lbs lighter and performing 10 pull-ups, where he was only able to do one before.
He became focused on the principles that really matter when it comes to training and nutrition, instead of just hopping from diet to diet and workout to workout, hoping that the next one would make all the difference.
Here’s what he had to say about it: “I thought I knew a thing or two about exercise, but your coaching program has taught me that is all about smart training, not hard training. I learned that less is more.”

Not only did his body, energy, and strength levels improve, he was beaming with confidence, too. And that’s affecting how he’s showing up in his business.
He’s making more money, performing better at work, and his clients are happier. He feels like a success both professionally and personally.
On top of that, he now has a long-term vision of what he wants his life to be like:
“I want to be the guy in his 60s and 70s that is still working out, hiking, and enjoying his life. I don’t want to be like my friends that are visiting the doctor every week for a different health issue. And Ted’s coaching has taught me to be the person I want to be in the next 20 years.” 
The truth is that Rich was where many high achievers are with their health. 
They’ve been duped into thinking that they’re too old to get back in shape…

…that the next new fad diet will be the answer.
…that you have to kill yourself with workouts that will leave your joints sore and your body achy.
…that it’s impossible to reclaim your health if you’re in your 50s.

Fortunately, at Legendary Life, we don’t believe that.
We know that it’s possible to get into great shape in your 40s, 50s and beyond while improving every other area of your life. 
In fact, that’s what you should expect from whatever program you follow. 

Our methods are precisely honed, tried and tested, and shared with the clients in our program. They’re up-to-date, always evolving, and based on results. 

We test EVERYTHING so you don’t have to take any risk.

Want to learn these methods and finally transform your life?


Not fad diets or crazy workouts required…
  •  It might change your health, body, and life.
  •  It might help you create the body you've always wanted. 
  •  It might help you finally become leaner, stronger, and healthier.
  •  Whatever it is, it will definitely be worth 15 minutes of your life.
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