Meet Kyle, a 39-year-old busy professional who was hopping from workout to workout for years...only to aggravate his injuries.
Kyle was working out at the gym and wasn't seeing the results he really wanted!

The problem was that being a busy professional and having family obligations made his schedule one of the biggest challenges to get around.
Kyle also, was about to turn 40 and he wanted to lose abdominal fat but not obsess over his abs.
He wanted to lose his gut, have more energy through the day, and be a role model for his kids. 

He also wanted to be in a better mental state and the only thing that was helping him keep up with his mood and mental health was exercise. 

It was like medicine for him.
But, unfortunately Kyle was recovering from a meniscus injury and a surgery on top of it all. 😔 
He was a little hesitant about training, but once we did a body assessment and injury assessment he felt comfortable with the simple and effective personalized action plan we created for him that was both time-effective and worked around his knee injury.

Plus, he wanted to workout from home, because he was short on time. He wanted to look good, but not kill himself to have a 6-pack.

We also tweaked his nutrition to optimize fat-loss and visible muscle growth. 
And within just a few weeks, Kyle was looking leaner, stronger and more fit…Also, he couldn't believe that his knees were feeling better after months of experiencing a lot of aches and pains. 
After just a couple months, he lost 24lbs and his beer belly completely disappeared.🏆 
Not only that, but we showed him how he could finally enjoy family dinners and vacations without stressing out and with knowing exactly how to eat to stay lean and healthy.

Despite all of his adversity, Kyle was able to create a transformation in his body, health, and life.

Doesn't get better than that!
Kyle experienced what is called the "ripple effect". When you make a BIG leap to success in one area of your life, other areas of your life improve automatically.
That is the power of having a healthy body and a focused mind on your side.
How about you?

Are you ready to finally enjoy social gatherings and the holidays without stressing out about gaining weight?

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