Meet Kim, a 42-year-old busy accountant who needed her life back. 
Let me introduce you to one of my clients, Kim. Like most working mothers, she has a busy and demanding schedule. 

As a hard-working accountant who struggles with her routine between being a mother, a wife, and a career woman, Kim has focused over the last twenty years on building her family and career. 

As a result of her schedule and busy lifestyle, Kim has slowly gained weight. She finds herself participating in emotional eating. 
Like many women, Kim copes with everyday stress, frustration, and guilt, by overeating and over drinking. Angry + lonely = ice cream. Stressed = chocolate. Bored + cookies = guilt. 
Sound familiar to anyone else out there?

Kim has found herself stuck in this toxic cycle, where she plans her meals from Monday to Thursday. 

However, from Friday to Sunday, Kim indulges herself with foods to feel happy and comfortable.
Kim said, “I really feel like I was caught up in life and that life was happening to me instead of me truly living; just going through the routines without prioritizing myself.” 
Most of my clients have the same problem. Recent research shows that women practice emotional eating more than men. But for Kim, it was even harder because she was not only feeling embarrassed by her appearance, but the extra weight was making her daily life harder. 

She struggled to get off the couch and bending over was a real chore.
On top of that, Kim felt embarrassed because she couldn’t engage in her kid’s activities because of her size and lack of energy. It was killing her inside. 
Losing weight and feeling better became a non-negotiable requirement for Kim.

She was sick and tired of not being able to enjoy summers, never feeling confident at work even to receive an award and wasting money on clothes that never fit. 

It was affecting her confidence, her relationship with her kids and husband, and her financial life. That’s a high price to pay.

And that’s why she said, “enough is enough” and decided to work with me. She said she couldn’t afford another year like the previous one. 
From Kim, “I decided it was time to invest in me and that I was worthy of holding space on the priority list, just like my family and career.” 
First, we started to work on her weekly habits. We tracked her eating for several weeks. We noticed that the overeating and over-drinking during the weekends were killing Kim’s efforts to create a leaner and healthier body.

Based on that, we created a sustainable meal structure that she could eat during the workweek. We also created healthy and empowering strategies Kim could follow over the weekend, so she wouldn’t feel the need to eat to find comfort. 

Kim desperately needed to get out of her comfort zone and start doing things that would give her pleasure that wasn’t related to food. The answer for her was to break free from this two-decade-old cycle in which she had been stuck. 

We started by working through old mindsets to identify any underlying narratives in Kim’s self-talk. As we coached Kim forward and away from negative self-talk, she became more aware of their impact and felt more balanced. 

Kim said, “Another part of the coaching that was helpful was building in a reflection practice to be more aware of the connection between our actions and our strategies to handle challenges.”

The results...
In 9 weeks, Kim lost 32lbs and started to feel better about herself. She finally broke out of the cycle of being on a low-calorie diet during the week, followed by weekend bingeing. 
She had a mindset shift that the only way to make a sustainable change was to change her old patterns that kept sabotaging her success. And that was beyond nutrition and fitness. 
That was about having an awareness of the things that need to be improved in your life and putting the time and the effort toward achieving that, so you don’t turn to food to fill the void.
Now, Kim knows that it will be a journey until she gets the body she deserves, but she is up for the challenge because she has a WHY, a clear purpose. 

Her WHY is to be able to take pictures with her kids again and enjoy summer activities with them. She wants to feel like that sexy, confident, badass Kim that she was in her 20s. 
She already proved that she could lose 41lbs in 3 months, because that’s what high achievers do; they don’t focus on past failures; they focus on the end result.
And that’s what the Legendary Life Program considers. It’s about helping high achievers, entrepreneurs, and busy professionals reclaim their health and create a lean, energetic, and young body.

It’s about living life on your own terms and being able to go back to your hobbies, to enjoy social gatherings and vacations, to perform your best at work, and to have meaningful relationships. 

Health and fitness form the foundation of success, and when you have that part handled, you become unstoppable.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your health, transform your body, and live the life you deserve, apply for a Breakthrough Call today. I’ll show you the step-by-step plans on how to achieve that in 90 days or less.
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