Meet John, a busy executive sales rep who desperately wanted to reclaim his health and get back in shape.
John is an executive sales rep, and because of that, he has a high-pressure job that makes him more susceptible to stress eating. After years in this job, John gained 50lbs, and his health went down. He was on blood pressure and cholesterol meds. Also, he was suffering from sleep deprivation, feeling overwhelmed with low energy most of the time.
When John first contacted me, I asked him about his plans for the next 5 or 10 years. He answered that he couldn’t even imagine himself in 5 years, but in 10 years, he felt sure that he would gain another 10-20lbs and have a heart attack.
His answer shocked me. It made me want to work with him more because I knew I could help him turn his health and his life around. 

Why? Because I had clients with similar backgrounds.

So, John started to work with me. Instead of just focusing on losing weight at a faster rate and leaving him not knowing what to do after 90 days, we agreed to first work on the things that were causing him to be overweight. 
We started workig first on his food intake and tracking everything for several weeks to evaluate his eating patterns and help him make better choices, even when he was busy and stressed.
Then, we focused on his aches and pains, which led us to create a back rebab and hip program for him. In the past, John’s old training program was too extreme for his body limitations. 

It was a workout training for a 20-year-old guy with a lot of time on his hands and no injuries, aches, or pains. Therefore, John used to leave the gym in pain.
In 6 weeks, John lost 14lbs and was able to exercise several times per week without pain. Also, he changed his relationship with food, his sleep quality increased, and he stopped taking cholesterol and blood pressure meds.
He finally started to gain control back of his health.
Another goal that we created was to help John gain his confidence back at work. Because of the way he looked, he had confidence issues, and it was affecting his performance at work. He wanted to finally feel good in his own skin so he could apply for a new job.

After working with me for 8 weeks, John updated his LinkedIn profile and started to look for a new job. He felt a shift in his confidence. 
Not only because he lost almost 15lbs, but because he was living a healthier lifestyle and it reflected on the way he saw himself and his future.
Most health and fitness programs focus on just making their clients drop 15-30lbs in 90 days. 

My program is holistic and focuses on working on the habits that are causing people to overeat, not to have the health they need to perform at their highest level, and not to have the life they deserve because they think they have to be on a strict diet all the time to be in shape.
So, when John told me that in 10 years, he saw himself spending hundreds of dollars every month in the pharmacy or thousands in doctor’s appointments, I created a customized 90-day system for him that he could follow for the next 10 years and stay lean, healthy & pain-free. 
Plus, by following the program I set up for him, he would have the energy and mobility he needed to keep up with his grandkids. 

The good news is that John has another 6 weeks in the program, and I can’t wait to see his results. 

That’s what the Legendary Life Program is about. 

It’s a complete system to transform your health, your body, and your life. 
It’s not another 90-day program that will help you lose 10-30lbs and then gain it back in the next six months. It’s a coaching program that considers your health, your body, and your mind.

Don’t wait for another second to get going on this program; start working to improve your health today. Create the body you deserve and live the life that you were meant to have.

Book a call with us today. You owe this to your future self and your family. Together, let’s make 2021 your year.
  •  It might change your health, body, and life.
  •  It might help you create the body you've always wanted. 
  •  It might help you finally become leaner, stronger, and healthier.
  •  Whatever it is, it will definitely be worth 45 minutes of your life.
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