Meet Tim, a 57-year-old engineer who desperately needed to reclaim his health
Tim is a 57-year-old electronics engineer from the U.K. who used to be very active until he had kids and a busy career.

Sound familiar?

In fact, he was 232lbs (105 kg) at 40% body fat when he first started coaching with me. That’s in the obese range, and it was putting him at high risk for a number of diseases, like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Like a lot of people who sign up for my coaching programs, Tim didn’t even eat a lot of junk or fast food. Yet the weight still crept up over the years.
His goal when he first signed up was to get out of the obese body fat range for his son’s graduation. Tim was feeling disappointed in himself for being an obese father—especially since his son has been worried for a while about his health.
He said, "I don’t need to look like Rambo, but I do want to look in shape and not be obese.”

In the past, he tried several methods to lose excess weight and lower his dangerous body fat percentage.
Tim tried intermittent fasting for a few months and tried to eat healthier meals, but he never seemed to consistently lose weight.
And with intermittent fasting, he tended to starve himself, thinking that he’d just lose the weight by default. You know…because most people believe that fasting is magical and stuff.

But like so many people trying one trendy diet after another, he never was able to achieve the results he was looking for. So, he took the plunge and invested in my coaching.

He was a little concerned about whether he we would be able to do the workouts. A little over a year before he signed up, Tim hurt his ankle to the point where jogging was out of the question.

Besides his ankle, he was experiencing back pains when he first got up in the morning. And his knee joints weren’t as good as they used to be. This made weight-bearing exercises like squats, deadlifts, and lunges an issue.
Despite his injuries, Tim lost over 20lbs in 3 months. And that weight change doesn’t even tell the whole story. He lost his belly and put on muscle, too. 
As you can see from his photos, the transformation was dramatic. But the results went beyond just his physical appearance.
He was so impressed with his results that he decided to renew his subscription for another 90 days. He still has some work to do before he’ll be completely happy, but he’s very pleased with his overall weight loss and fitness improvements.

Another interesting thing was that I had a hard time getting Tim to share his photos. He was reluctant to upload photos into our app because he wasn’t fully satisfied with that he saw.

But after he got past his discomfort and did it, he got a big confidence boost!
“I was reluctant to send photos and even look at them myself because I didn’t like what I saw. But, after finishing the program, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far. Also, the ripple effect of my weight loss is that I've been accomplishing more in life. Before I thought I was too old for that. Now, everything is possible.”
It can be hard to accept where we are—especially if we’re not happy with our current circumstances. 
But when we let go of harshly judging ourselves and focus on doing the work and making the progress, we can look back and see just how far we’ve come.

Tim should be proud. He’s dedicated and has put in the effort over the past several months. And it shows in his photos.

And that's what we want for you.

Many health coaches and fitness trainers focus on making you following the hottest diet or the most extreme workout program in the market.

At Legendary Life, we don’t do that.

We want you to follow a diet and workout program that fits your age, fitness goals, activity level and schedule. We know that everybody (and every body) is different, and you need a customized approach to get sustainable results.

A customized approach is the best way to make your life easier and get the body you've always wanted.

My team and I are so committed to our clients that we won’t accept anything less than a success story. The goal is getting results; anything less just isn’t enough.

So, if you're ready to change your health, body, and life, click the button below and schedule your free call with me.
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